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Mathematical Optimization

Extensive hands-on training programme on industrial optimization methods

The course teaches basics of mathematical optimization with special emphasis on solving planning problems in an industrial environment. Numerous logistics, planning and decision problems Problem elements can be modeled and solved as mathematical optimization tasks to increase operational efficiency and improve employee satisfaction.

Based on numerous examples and joint practical work, this course will enable the planner to support his daily planning work with the methods of mathematical optimization in order to increase the quality of the received plans and to reduce the time required for recurring planning tasks.

It is possible to take the offer as a three-day compact course or a six-day intensive course.

Key Learnings

  • You have a comprehensive overview of optimization methods, oriented at the productive use, both within large and small companies
  • You can apply methods of mathematical modeling and algorithmic solution of optimization problems directly in business practice with a special emphasis on the use of state-of-the-art optimization software tools


  • Introduction to linear programming: Elementary models and applications, the challenges of integer programming
  • Analysing linear programmes: Geometric properties and the simplex algorithm
  • Introduction to integer programming
  • Solving integer programmes: Branch-and-bound, cutting planes, good and bad model formulations
  • The travelling salesman: problem Applications in logistics and further areas, polyhedral properties
  • Fixed-charge and general network design problems

Target Audience

  • Planning professionals at an operational or management level in logistics, production, energy or telecommunication
  • data scientists and consultants working with quantitative methods
  • interested people with a background in mathematical, natural, technical or economic sciences

Our Course Partners

The Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is one of the most innovative universities in Europe, employs over 600 professors and conducts top-level research with worldwide visibility.  

The ADA Lovelace Center is a partner for companies who would like to optimize their business processes. Powered by the combined longstanding experience of Fraunhofer IIS, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and LMU München in the execution of large-scale industry projects, it develops cutting-edge analytical solutions to the challenges facing them. Together with its sector-specific competency groups, it provides companies with mathematical models for real-world problems, the design of fast solution algorithms as well as their implementation in practice.

Course Provider



Frauenweiherstraße 15, 91058 Erlangen


+49 9131 92894 80

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At your company


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Upon request


English, German or Spanish


Dr. Andreas Bärmann is a postdoc in integer optimization at Chair of Applied Mathematics at Firedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) with a research focus on optimization in logistics, especially on the interplay of machine learning and optimization methods in this field.

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