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Outdoor Team Building

Get your team ready for the digital transformation

The successful transformation to digital change requires not only changes at the individual and organizational level, but also in the cooperation and composition of working groups and teams. In an unconventional setting – exactly where the group operates far away from technology and digitalisation – reflection processes are stimulated and measures for the working situation are developed: on the roman ship of FAU!


  • Our team building serves as a supporting measure to successfully master the formation of new teams, restructuring or leadership
  • In close cooperation  we define the objective of the training
  • Possible key topics can be common goals, communication patterns or role distribution in the team
  • The unconventional setting enables participants to concentrate on the topics of team and leadership beyond their daily working environment and far away from everyday routines


  • Depending on the initial situation, objectives and scope of the measure, the procedure is determined in consultation with you
  • A possible procedure consists of analysis and reflection of the initial situation and conditions, planning and realization of a journey with the Roman ship as well as analysis and reflection of the realization and achievement of objectives
  • Finally, measures and rules for further cooperation are to be developed, which will be transferred to the daily work routine

Target Audience

  • Teams working together
  • Start-ups and other groups that want to or should become a team
  • Project-related working groups, which work together on a definable task
  • Teams that are affected by restructuring measures or changed management concepts

Our Course Partner

The Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) is one of the most innovative universities in Europe, employs over 600 professors and conducts top-level research with worldwide visibility.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Boris Dreyer, a roman ship was reconstructed according to original finds – the Fridericiana Alexandrina Navis (F.A.N.), which offers not only scientific tests and university teaching but also the possibility for events and team-building activities.

Course Provider



Frauenweiherstraße 15, 91058 Erlangen


+49 9131 92894 80

Event Details


Erlangen/Nuremberg area (Altmühlsee or Dechsendorfer Weiher)


Upon request


Upon request




An experienced team trainer guides the process

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